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Transcend your beliefs !





A surefire key

It is fair to think that the origin of many of our behaviors are beliefs. And, it's just as believing that beliefs are limiting.

I, for example, had for years the belief that black brought negative energy because it is associated with mourning. I thought that by wearing black, I increased the chances of depressing, of attracting dead souls, etc., and therefore, I rarely wore black ... and especially in small quantities, usually with a color well cut, just to be certain that the energy of this other color predominated, protected me, increased my vibratory rate.

This belief is useful because it is partly true. It allowed me to take some responsibility for my life. Indeed, I tried to act on things within my reach, in this case my clothes, to maintain a beautiful energy high and happy.

Today, I also associate black with feminine, subtle world, and many other positive ideas. However, my choice of color in clothing remains unchanged because even if I changed my beliefs about black, this color remains inadequate for me. And yes, sometimes, the black is indeed negative. It is not because we associate it with a belief, not the black is negative because its vibration does not correspond to us, and here we are not on a belief, we are on a felt, because every word each material, object, color vibrates according to a vibration, and my body tells me "I feel empty of energy when I wear black".

I am vigilant to this difference between belief and real feeling. I refused to allow my son to be recognized as disabled, not because I have beliefs about children with disabilities, but mostly because I felt it was bad for him. Describing the word handicap does not lead to anything. But to recognize that it has a vibration compatible or incompatible with a person is to point out a fact. All is belief, as they say ... but there is nevertheless an objective reality. And if instead of making generalities with our beliefs, we sort out what is good for us with our feelings?

The trap is to turn everything into beliefs and stop listening to our feelings.

I would say that not only do we have the right to pay attention to our beliefs and their influences on our behavior, but it is also important to be able to feel things with our body and well beyond any mental explanations. To be able to say (or just think) "no, it's not for me" with our body is the best way to take responsibility for one's life.

So yes, there is a large part of our behavior that is guided by our beliefs. But there can be just as many that are justified by a real feeling.


Inspiration : Flora Douville et Matin magique